Why Oxytocin Matters – Kerstin Uvnas Moberg

Just finished my first of Pinter and Martin “Why It Matters” series about one of the most valuable and important parts of pregnancy, labour, sex, birth, breastfeeding, relationships, mental health, love and life.. Oxytocin!

Did you know? The oxytocin system optimises social interaction, reduces stress levels and stimulates healing and growth all through life? Exposure to oxytocin is linked to creation of secure attachment and in the long run, to the possibility of better mental health?

I have had a long running fascination with oxytocin, having had first had expereience seeing what amazing things support and environment can do to birth experiences and this book has further secured by knowledge that it really is the most facinating hormonal system. From the impact it can have on the progress of birth, and the experiences women have, to the long term effects both for mother and baby, the oxytocin system is a fascinatingly complex and multi-layered thing, which is often overlooked and misunderstood in modern midwifery and medicalisation of childbirth.

A book for both health professionals and women wanting to understand more about the hormone which dictates to much of our lives, perhaps without us even realising it!

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